New Theme: GiltEdge 0.1 alpha

At long last, I’ve got around to developing a new theme for the site. Given the gold-and-lead colour scheme, and the dire financial straits the World currently finds itself in, the name GiltEdge seemed fitting 🙂

It’s not complete yet – there are a few spots that aren’t quite pixel-perfect yet, and I’ve only tested in Firefox and Safari on the Mac. Still, I thought I’d put it up in the hope that any visitors might kindly post a comment about any obviously broken bits they come across.

UPDATE: It’s wretchedly broken in IE6, and far from perfect in IE7. Why am I not surprised?

UPDATE: And, with a few hasLayout triggers, most of the IE issues are fixed. Just a few more to do.

UPDATE: Everything now seems to be OK in IE 6, 7 and 8. There’s a conditional stylesheet for 6 and 7, almost entirely devoted to hasLayout triggers.

One thing I know about is the empty “navigation” section at the top of archive pages when there are no “next” or “previous” pages. I’ll have to dig into the WordPress API to check out how to make that section appear only when appropriate.

Once the little niggles like that are done, it’ll be time to start work on some more extensive customisations, together with a plugin or two.

In the meantime, enjoy! – or, if it breaks horribly for you, leave a comment.

About the Picture

The photograph at the top was taken at around 4:15pm on the 11th December 2007 from the 6th floor of Yahoo! Europe’s offices on Shaftesbury Avenue in London. (I hadn’t broken in – I was contracting with them at the time.) The view looks over the rooftops of Seven Dials and Covent Garden towards Westminster; on the left is the Church of St Martin in the Fields near Trafalgar Square. Then, moving right, the light at the top of the clocktower commonly, if erroneously, called Big Ben shows that Parliament was in session at the time. A floodlit Westminster Abbey is next, contrasting sharply with the modern structure of Millbank Tower. Finally, I’m not absolutely certain, but I think the tower block at the right with the blue lights on top may be New Scotland Yard.

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