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  • In which I play with fire, aka Mac Protector

    There is much brouhaha and kerfuffle at the moment about the fact that malware for the Mac has finally arrived in strength. I’m not sure why anybody is surprised; we knew this day would come and, more importantly, we knew it probably wouldn’t be as bad as things were for Windows users in the days […]

  • Fix After Security Update 2009-001 Bricked My MacBook

    This afternoon I finally got around to letting Software Update install the OS X Security Update 2009-001 for Tiger on my MacBook. Being an idiot, I didn’t do a backup first. When the system restarted, it got to the grey screen with the Apple logo and the spinning gear, where it remained… for over half […]

  • WebDD: Microsoft’s Reality Distortion Field is Fully Functional

    A designer? Originally uploaded by writerus drivelus. Last Saturday I went to the WebDD conference at Microsoft Campus, Reading. Following my standard conference procedure, I checked in, obtained coffee, and fired up my MacBook.