Category: Conferences

  • WebDD: Microsoft’s Reality Distortion Field is Fully Functional

    A designer? Originally uploaded by writerus drivelus. Last Saturday I went to the WebDD conference at Microsoft Campus, Reading. Following my standard conference procedure, I checked in, obtained coffee, and fired up my MacBook.

  • BarCamp London 2.0

    BarCamp London 2 is coming up

  • WebDD: February 3 2007

    WebDD is a web design and development conference to be held at the Microsoft Campus in Reading, UK this coming 3 February (a Saturday). There is, naturally, a certain emphasis on Microsoft technologies, but not exclusively. Actually, although there are several presentations involving MS technologies, I was wrong to think that Microsoft were somehow involved…

  • d.Construct 2006 Coming Up

    I’m just about to set off for d.Construct 2006, and I still haven’t blogged about any of the stuff I got up to at BarCamp London yet. Things are just too busy at the moment, but hopefully some nice sea air will help me chill out and post something. Now for the motorway…