Category: Scripting

  • Apple MapKit JS JWT Woes

    I’m just making a quick note of these two things here, as I wasted time over them this afternoon and I can come back to remind myself next time: When specifying the “origin” value in a JSON Web Token (JWT), omit the trailing slash: use http://localhost:8000 not http://localhost:8000/ or you’ll get the warning “[MapKit] Authorization token origin restriction (‘http://localhost:8000/’)…

  • WebDD: February 3 2007

    WebDD is a web design and development conference to be held at the Microsoft Campus in Reading, UK this coming 3 February (a Saturday). There is, naturally, a certain emphasis on Microsoft technologies, but not exclusively. Actually, although there are several presentations involving MS technologies, I was wrong to think that Microsoft were somehow involved…

  • Quirks or Strict: a Quick Way to Tell

    A useful bit of JavaScript for web developers

  • JavaScript Get-Together, London 2005-06-11

    It’s official – JavaScript is no longer evil.