WebDD: Microsoft’s Reality Distortion Field is Fully Functional

A designer?

A designer?

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Last Saturday I went to the WebDD conference at Microsoft Campus, Reading. Following my standard conference procedure, I checked in, obtained coffee, and fired up my MacBook.

At this point one of the official photographers (only authorised individuals may take photos at MS) rushed over to me and asked, “Is it all right if I take a photograph of you?”

“Yeah, fine,” I replied. As he raised his camera, I asked, “Is it the Mac?” “Yes,” he said.

I’d only been at Microsoft five minutes, but the Reality Distortion Field had already cast me into a Bateman cartoon: “The Man Who Used a Macintosh on Microsoft Campus.”

(And no, I’m not a designer.)

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4 responses to “WebDD: Microsoft’s Reality Distortion Field is Fully Functional”

  1. Actually it’s my RDF, not Microsoft’s – that’s my flickr stream, although Dan took the photo (I stole his camera for part of the day), so I take full responsibility for the incorrect label. ‘Twas in jest though and says way more about me than it does you 8) I actually like Macs, and secretly covet them. Don’t tell anyone.

    It would be a particularly nice Bateman though, wouldn’t it?


  2. Cheers, Dave. I found it most amusing to be described as a designer – like most coders, my design skills are minimal, despite having a lifelong interest in typography and a Graphic Design O Level (grade C) ๐Ÿ™‚

    The MS RDF reference is a bit of an in-joke between myself and some friends, after the peculiar character changes we saw in a friend who went to work there some years ago – I believe he’s now achieved the status of MSOT (Operating Thetan)…

  3. Having taken the photo, it seemed appropriate at the time. Jon Harris’ Mac and any other one he touched seemed to break during the morning. Perhaps Dave should have titled it ‘The mac that worked’ ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Dan: Good job I didn’t let Dave near mine then – I don’t think I could be held accountable for my actions against anybody who broke my Mac. Still, I’m pretty sure any jury of Mac users would return a verdict of justifiable homicide ๐Ÿ™‚