Hello world

Being a coder, I naturally intended to create my own content management system, implement a design which would look awful but be all my own work, and launch in a blaze of glory and obscure details of XSLT techniques. But, as with so many projects too closely related to what I do at work all day, nothing happened. I was tempted to modify the stylesheet to put a cobweb across the corner of the page; that would have been the most exciting update to the site in ages.

So I’ve bitten the bullet, installed WordPress (which seems like an excellent piece of kit) and will actually start saying stuff, instead of dithering over details until finally giving up and going down the pub.

I will gradually work out and implement a redesign, and will ultimately replace the WordPress code with my own, reinventing wheels being (as with all coders) virtually an obsession of mine. But in the meantime, I’ll even stick with the default “Hello world” that came with this; on with the motley!

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